RG|D+B is a residential design group specializing in inspired homes for modern visionaries. We create one-of-a-kind architectural experiences that balance form, space and natural surroundings with the lives of those who inhabit them.


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Design is by its nature an iterative process. Our approach includes ongoing client input to constantly deepen our understanding of the client’s needs and produce an elegant, one-of-a-kind architectural experience.

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How we bring our ideas to life is vital. We integrate construction into our practice and culture to simplify the process, align interests and ensure the design is built with the highest level of craftsmanship.

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Final touches complete the vision. The design, procurement and placement of interior furnishings is integral to our practice.

The world is vividly colorful, full of experiences to be savored. Every detail should be as delicate as a drop of dew and as memorable as an unforgettable sunset.


As the world around us swirls with obligations and distractions, it is evermore important that the space we inhabit provide us the comfort we need to dwell in serenity.

At RG | D+B, we spend our time and energy to create that space. We believe architecture has the power to transcend, lift us above the turmoil of daily life and connect us to something greater than ourselves. At the same time, we feel grounded by space that expertly balances the elements and celebrates the natural order of things.

We create spaces to elevate the spirit and inspire a more mindful lifestyle. We consider ourselves successful when our clients feel supported to lead more healthful, meaningful and vibrant lives.

Dwell in the complete. We create spaces for you to entirely undress from stress and slip into a better you. 

Mindful modern living℠. 

More than simply how we approach design, it is a philosophy that guides the relationship we have with clients, partners, our practice and even our own lives.


RG | D+B is a design-led practice, collaborating with clients on select ground-up private residential projects or extensive reconstructions. Our practice embraces the interplay between natural surroundings, form and space, and the lives of those who inhabit it.


Our process is intentional and keeps our line of sight on both the individual and the whole.

We start by listening: two-parts inquiry and one-part observation, to understand the lives, preferences, habits and pain points of those we are designing for. This is not programming in a traditional sense, rather we seek a more intimate view of our clients’ way of life.

What we learn drives the rest of our process - through design, construction and interiors.


Our practice is a journey, which is why we use this term to define the work we do everyday. We have three commitments or principles that guide the way.




Accept a limited number of projects each year in order to give our clients our focused attention, pursue our practice with consciousness and awareness and advance our mission of mindful modern living.



Engage in meaningful relationships with our clients and partners by listening first and remaining open and adaptive to change.



Strive to be good stewards of the land and the resources it affords us because our own wellbeing depends upon the health and vitality of our environment.

Rene Gracia - Experienced Designer

Rene Gracia
Principal / Design

Rene is the creative vision behind RG | D+B and oversees each and every client project, from the first meeting until the final detail. He believes that architecture has the power to unify and gains inspiration from spaces and materials that maintain a strong connection to the natural surroundings. He has 20+ years of architecture, interior and experience design on commercial, hospitality and luxury private residential projects.

TODTodd Arnold - Construction Expert

Todd Arnold

Todd is a master craftsman and problem solver with unparalleled patience for and understanding of the design process and aptitude for devising in-field solutions. In his 30-year career, he has completed hundreds of single-family residential, multifamily and commercial construction projects and has had projects featured in D Magazine, The Advocate, Texas Monthly and Lux.

Gayla Cuculic Fidje - Interior Designer

Gayla Cuculic Fidje
Interior Design

Gayla enjoys the intimate nature of private residential interiors, which allows her to live out her philosophy; that good design can support a sense of wellbeing and improve one’s quality of life. She has 20+ years of experience and has worked in award-winning interior and architecture firms. Her projects include: Atlantis Casino and Resort in The Bahamas, The Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and Burj al Arab in Dubai.

Isaac Padilla - Project Management

Isaac Padilla
Project Management

Isaac has a knack for organization and process flow management. With 12+ years experience in marketing, production management and account service, he understands the importance of delivering a coherent client experience that adheres to   RG | D+B's philosophy. In addition to residential, he has also worked with commercial brands such as 7-Eleven, Inc., Cargill and Cricket Wireless.