RGDB Philosophy.png

The world is vividly colorful, full of experiences to be savored. Every detail should be as delicate as a drop of dew and as memorable as an unforgettable sunset.


As the world around us swirls with obligations and distractions, it is evermore important that the space we inhabit provide us the comfort we need to dwell in serenity.

At RG | D+B, we spend our time and energy to create that space. We believe architecture has the power to transcend, lift us above the turmoil of daily life and connect us to something greater than ourselves. At the same time, we feel grounded by space that expertly balances the elements and celebrates the natural order of things.

We create spaces to elevate the spirit and inspire a more mindful lifestyle. We consider ourselves successful when our clients feel supported to lead more healthful, meaningful and vibrant lives.

Dwell in the complete. We create spaces for you to entirely undress from stress and slip into a better you. 

Mindful modern living℠. 

More than simply how we approach design, it is a philosophy that guides the relationship we have with clients, partners, our practice and even our own lives.