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Club Hill

Modern home built for entertaining located on a golf course in North Dallas.

Club Hill

Dallas, Texas + 8,025 sq. ft.

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Designed for entertaining, this home located on a north Dallas golf course features extensive views of grassy knolls, a large hair salon, guest quarters and an infinity pool that reflects into the home to create an entertaining oasis.


Q: What matters most to the Clients?
A: The Clients are extremely outgoing individuals who value spending time with their close friends and enjoying life. For them, this home had to serve a few purposes to meet their everyday needs. They love to entertain and music is a large part of their lives so the home had to be designed around their social lifestyle. It also had to accommodate a large salon, gym and guest quarters in a way that didn’t disrupt main living areas.

Q: How did you solve the Client’s needs for this unique site?
A: The flow was an important factor in designing the space because the Clients wanted to be able to seamlessly blur the exterior pool and interior living areas, while keeping their sleeping quarters separate. Since the house includes a lower level separate from the main living floor, we were able to include a separate living apartment, salon and gym that is not noticeable from the main floor.

Q: What role did natural elements play on this project?
A: This particular site is located on a golf course so we took advantage of their view by creating floor-to-ceiling windows that engage the outdoors with the interior entertaining spaces. Even the infinity pool looks over a pond so there is a seamless transition between the pool area and the golf course below. 

Q: What’s your favorite design element on this project?

Q: How does this project elevate the idea of Mindful Modern Living℠?
A: We like the open entertaining space between the indoor living areas and the outdoor pool that help bring the outside in. The pool will have a reflective quality throughout the main floor that will help promote tranquility and calmness to those that inhabit it.