Extensive transformation and expansion of a small, traditional 1950’s home. Mindful Modern Living℠ in Dallas, Texas.


Dallas, Texas + 3,950 sq. ft.

RGDB - 1555 Concept.jpg

Extensive transformation and expansion of a small, traditional 1950’s home. The couple has a keen respect for the fabric of the neighborhood and seeks a solution that engages the site more fully and supports their dynamic, modern lifestyle. As gourmet chefs and avid travelers, their space should elevate their passion for entertaining, sharing meals and storytelling. They wanted the design to be a celebration and a canvas for their zeal for life.


Q: What matters most to the Client?
A: The couple loves to host friends and family and has a youthful, gregarious nature. They want a space that centers on food preparation and presentation, especially for entertaining large groups on weekends and holidays. They also wish to reflect a sense of past and present – a fun, modern lifestyle that suites where they are today, but also adaptable as their needs change while being respectful to the neighborhood surroundings. 

Q: How did you solve the problem?
A: We wanted the design to have an element of surprise. The front façade is understated, blending with the fabric of the neighborhood and creating a sense of mystery, offering little suggestion of what lies beyond. The rear façade is designed in contrast for a more public scene, inviting guests to wander freely between interior and exterior. 

The site slopes down from front to back with a mature canopy of trees, which offers dramatic potential. We played with angled roof lines and offsets to highlight the site’s topography and bring the treetops into the living space.

Finally, by concentrating private spaces on the entry level, we extend the mystery and guide guests through a graceful descent into the more public, entertaining space. Once on the lower level, they are drawn out onto the pool deck with a mid-century resort feel. 

Q: You’re known for your focus on natural elements, what role did that idea play on this project?
A: We derived a lot of inspiration on this project from the downward slope of the site and the treetops below. We played with the element of air. Corner conditions frame views and invite the eye outward and floating balconies maintain a lightness while supporting a highly social and engaging environment.  

Q: What’s your favorite aspect of this design?
A: I am excited about the overall massing of the project and the special condition we achieved for the master suite and home office. They each offer an intimate perch from which to look out to the trees, while maintaining a playful connection with the public spaces below.

Q: How does this project elevate the idea of Mindful Modern Living℠?
A: For us, this project is an example of how to have fun while elevating the role of nourishment and personal connection.